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U.S. Department of Energy-Office of Nuclear Energy Releases FY 2017 Request for Information for Nuclear Materials

April 18, 2017

​DOE-NE has released a Request for Information (RFI) (DE-SOL- 0010995) “FY 2017 University, National Laboratory, Industry and International Input on Potential Additions to the NSUF Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library.” DOE-NE, through the Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF), is currently seeking information regarding 1) existing nuclear energy research materials and specimens that can, potentially, be added to the NFML, and 2) future needs for nuclear energy-related material to support ongoing nuclear energy challenges as well as future research advancements in nuclear energy.

The Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library (NFML), which is owned by DOE-NE and curated by the NSUF, is a collection of specialized information and nuclear fuel and material specimens from past and ongoing irradiation test campaigns, as well as real-world components retrieved from decommissioned power reactors, and donations from other sources. The NFML can be accessed through a web portal at the Nuclear Science User Facilities website or directly at https://nsuf-infrastructure.inl.gov/.

The RFI will be posted on Grants.gov and the Nuclear Science User Facilities website. Responses to the RFI must be submitted through the Nuclear Science User Facilities website. Detailed instructions are included in the RFI along with contact information for help with completing a submission.

The FY 2017 RFI will be open for submissions until June 30, 2017. The FY 2018 NFML RFI is planned to open in fall of 2017 and close in the summer of 2018.

Submissions Due: June 30, 2017