DOE-NE Releases Amendment 2 to the FY 2021 CINR FOA

January 13, 2021

Notable changes include:

  1. ​Workscope overview table was updated to exclude duplicate workscopes.
  2. Clarification on Part III, Section A that:
    1. All applications must originate from the lead institution
    2. All lead PIs must have an active account in the submittal system.
    3. All collaborators must be listed on the application form with complete information. Failure to secure participation from collaborators or list them correctly may result in dismissal.
  3. New statement in Part IV, Section B that DOE reserves the right to dismiss applications after initial review if the application does not have enough information to adequately judge technical merit.
  4. Clarification to the Benefits of Collaboration document requirements that the document is only optional if there is a single principal investigator with no Co-PIs or collaborators.
  5. Clarification on budget justifications that they are required for the lead institution and all sub-awardees.
  6. Multiple updates to Federal and Technical Points of Contact in Appendix A and Appendix B.

A copy can be found here