DOE-NE Releases FY 2022 CINR and Scientific Infrastructure FOAs and Webinar Recordings

August 30, 2021

​DOE-NE announces the release of the FY2022 Funding Opportunity Announcements for Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (DE-FOA-0002516) and Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Research (DE-FOA-0002517).  Official copies of the documents are available at  Applications are to be submitted Copies of professional courtesy are available at the following links:


CINR Schedule (all deadlines are 7 PM ET): 

September 9, 2021: Letter of Intent (Mandatory only for NSUF Applications)
September 22, 2021: R&D/NSUF Pre-Applications (Mandatory except for IRPs)
November 10, 2021: NSUF Preliminary Statement of Work
November 11, 2021: Infrastructure Applications
January 20, 2022: NSUF Final Statement of Work
February 9, 2022: Full R&D Applications
February 9, 2022: IRP Applications

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Additional resources include:

CINR Webinar Work Scope Presentations

FY22 CINR Work Scope Q&As

General Q&As

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