DOE-NE Releases FY 2023 Distinguished Early Career Program Funding Opportunity Announcement

September 30, 2022

​DOE-NE announced the release of the FY 2023 Funding Opportunity Announcement for the Distinguished Early Career Program (DECP) (DE-FOA-0002734). Changes have been made between the released FOA and the DECP Overview webinar given in August 2022. The FOA takes precedence over any guidance provided in the webinar.

Official copies of the documents are available at Applications are to be submitted to

A courtesy copy of the FOA is available at the following link:

FY 2023 Distinguished Early Career Program Funding Opportunity Amendment 1*

DECP Schedule
November 3, 2022DECP Applications Due (7 PM ET)
October 1, 2023Anticipated Project Start Date

* Amendment 1 contains administrative changes only.

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