Office of Nuclear Energy releases the FY 2024 Funding Opportunity Announcements for Phase II CINR, Scientific Infrastructure Support for CINR, and Distinguished Early Career Program

June 12, 2023

​The Office of Nuclear Energy has released the FY 2024 Funding Opportunity Announcements for Phase II Continuation Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (Phase II CINR) (DE-FOA-0003039), Distinguished Early Career Program (DECP) (DE-FOA-0003043) and Scientific Infrastructure Support for CINR (INFRA) (DE-FOA-0003040).

FY 2024 Phase II CINR Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0003039)

FY 2024 DECP Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0003043)

FY 2024 INFRA Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0003040)

Submit an Application

FY2024 Submission Deadlines

All deadlines at by 5:00 pm ET

CINR Phase II  Deadline
Letter of Intent (Mandatory for all applications)July 12, 2023
Full ApplicationsNovember 14, 2023


Distinguished Early Career ProgramDeadline
Application Due DateSeptember 7, 2023


Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research Deadline
Application Due DateAugust 24, 2023


It is anticipated that the Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research R&D Funding Opportunity Announcement will be posted sometime during the week of June 19th.  Another announcement will be made available at when the FY 2024 CINR R&D FOA is posted.

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