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January 16, 2020)
The Technical Point of Contact for the NSUF-1.3 scope area  “Nuclear Materials Discovery and Qualification Initiative” has been updated.  The new TPOC is Matthew Kerr.   Dr. Kerr may be reached by email at, or phone (208) 526-1197.  The federal program manager is unchanged.
1/16/2020 12:00 AM
December 9, 2019

AMENDMENT 0003: The purpose of this amendment is to:

(1)  Clarify readiness requirements for NSUF-1.3 applications with this statement: “The NSUF readiness requirements are applicable to all NSUF funded workscopes (Reference Table 1. FY 2020 Work scope Overview) with the exception of NSUF 1.3: NUCLEAR MATERIALS DISCOVERY AND QUALIFICATION INITIATIVE. Applications in the NSUF 1.3 work scope may include preliminary materials fabrication and characterization within the context of the work scope. Other than this noted exception, NSUF will not support preliminary fuels, materials or instrumentation development work, i.e. development must be at the irradiation testing stage.” On Part I, B.2.2.

- Only new applications will be considered.

- FOA eligibility restrictions apply.

(2)  Add the following statement to Part III, Section A.5: “Late Stage NSUF-1.3 applications must be new applications and cannot be resubmitted from the initial NSUF-1.3 call.”

(3)  Remove the following statement from Part I, B.2.2: “NSUF will not support preliminary fuels, materials, or instrumentation development work, i.e. development must be at irradiation testing stage.”

(4)  Add the following statement to the NSUF-1.3 workscope: “NSUF readiness requirements, reference Part 1 B.2.2, are not applicable to this work scope.”

(5)  Provide a revised schedule for late stage NSUF-1.3 applications:

- Late stage LOI due: December 13, 2019

- Late stage pre-application due: January 16, 2020

- Final SOW due: March 12, 2020

- Late stage full application due: March 26, 2020

DE-FOA-0002128 Amendment 0003

12/9/2019 12:00 AM
November 25, 2019
11/25/2019 12:00 AM
October 23, 2019

A new Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (CINR) Program Outcomes web page is now available at! This new page can be accessed by clicking on the “Program Outcomes” link located in the top menu bar.


The web page includes project information on NEUP-funded projects since the inception of the program in 2009. CINR success stories are located at the top and can be accessed by clicking on each photo. These and other stories are also accessible through the “Additional CINR Success Stories” drop-down menu. Articles will be released on a regular basis, so check back periodically to see what’s new!


An interactive U.S. map is also available on this new page. Click on the circles to bring up CINR statistics at specific institutions.  Near the bottom of the page, use the search tool to find principal investigators, organizations, and work scopes of funded projects.


Please take a moment to check out the newest link on the NEUP web page.


10/23/2019 12:00 AM
September 12, 2019

The Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) today announced two new Requests for Applications (RFAs) for the Integrated University Program (IUP) seeking applicants for undergraduate scholarships and graduate-level fellowships in nuclear energy-related fields.

Scholarships are $7,500 for one year. The maximum award for a fellowship is $52,000 per year for three years, with an additional one-time $5,000 allotment to fund travel to a minimum 10-week internship at DOE, a DOE national laboratory or other designated facility.

Applications are due on January 16, 2020 and must be submitted using the online submittal system found at NE intends to notify award recipients in spring 2020.

FY 2019 Scholarship RFA

FY 2019 Fellowship RFA

Submit an Application

9/12/2019 9:00 AM
August 20, 2019

​DOE-NE announces the release of the FY2020 Funding Opportunity Announcements for Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (DE-FOA-0002128) and Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Research (DE-FOA-0002129).  Official copies of the documents are available at  Applications are to be submitted to Copies of professional courtesy are available at the following links:

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (DE-FOA-0002128)

Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Research (DE-FOA-0002129)

CINR Schedule (all deadlines are 7 PM ET):

September 4, 2019: Letter of Intent (Mandatory only for NSUF Applications)
September 24, 2019: R&D/NSUF Pre-Applications (Mandatory except for IRPs)
November 21, 2019: NSUF Preliminary Statement of Work
January 23, 2020: NSUF Final Statement of Work
February 11, 2020: Full R&D Applications
February 11, 2020: IRP Applications

Infrastructure Applications are due at 5 PM ET on November 13, 2019

Submit an Application

Additional Resources

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8/20/2019 12:00 AM