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U.S. Department of Energy Announces $2.5 Million Prestigious Award Program for Nuclear Energy Faculty

December 6, 2021

​The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to launch a new Distinguished Early Career Program (DECP). This prestigious program through the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) will support extraordinary faculty members as they embark on lifetimes of transformative research, education, and leadership aligned with the Office of Nuclear Energy mission. Up to four $625,000 awards will be granted through this FOA, each with a five-year duration. The program, totaling $2.5 million, aims to recognize distinguished researchers at the pivotal initial stage of their careers and to support high-impact contributions to nuclear energy research, innovation, discovery, leadership, and dissemination of knowledge. 

“The new Distinguished Early Career Program is designed to foster the next generation of faculty, their students, and their innovations for advancing nuclear energy and decarbonizing our planet." said Dr. Kathryn Huff, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy.

DOE is soliciting applications that propose novel research with the potential to advance the nuclear energy mission. DOE invites creative approaches to integrating research, education, and service that nurture the reciprocal relationship among these activities toward impactful discoveries, technological advancements, and student outcomes. Applicants are encouraged to focus on research pivotal to DOE-NE mission areas. Applicants must be untenured assistant or associate professors on the tenure track. Applicants from underrepresented minority groups, women, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged apply. The deadline for applications is February 23, 2022. 

FY 2022 Distinguished Early Career FOA (DE-FOA-0002556, Amendment 2)

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DOE-NE Releases FY 2022 CINR and Scientific Infrastructure FOAs 

and Webinar Recordings​

August 30, 2021

​DOE-NE announces the release of the FY2022 Funding Opportunity Announcements for Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (DE-FOA-0002516) and Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Research (DE-FOA-0002517).  Official copies of the documents are available at  Applications are to be submitted Copies of professional courtesy are available at the following links:


CINR Schedule (all deadlines are 7 PM ET): 

September 9, 2021: Letter of Intent (Mandatory only for NSUF Applications)
September 22, 2021: R&D/NSUF Pre-Applications (Mandatory except for IRPs)
November 10, 2021: NSUF Preliminary Statement of Work
November 11, 2021: Infrastructure Applications
January 20, 2022: NSUF Final Statement of Work
February 23, 2022: Full R&D Applications
February 23, 2022: IRP Applications

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Additional resources include:

CINR Webinar Work Scope Presentations

FY22 CINR Work Scope Q&As

General Q&As

Nuclear Science and Engineering Sourcebook


University Nuclear Leadership Program (UNLP), formerly the Integrated University Program (IUP), Scholarship and Fellowship Support Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): DE-FOA-0002265

October 15, 2020

This FOA is to award multiple cooperative agreements to accredited United States (U.S.) two- and four-year colleges and universities to receive and administer scholarship and fellowship funding—provided through the UNLP and as administered by the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE)—on behalf of selected students attending those institutions.

​The application process will be open continuously for the 10-year cycle of this FOA.

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