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​​​​​​​​FY 2014 Infrastructure Grants

The Department of Energy is awarding approximately $4 million to 19 colleges and universities to support research reactor infrastructure and general scientific infrastructure improvements, ensuring that American universities have the best equipment and tools available to educate the next generation of industry leaders and strengthen U.S. competitiveness in nuclear R&D. These awards will upgrade the existing fleet of research reactors and support equipment and infrastructure improvements, making these reactors and capabilities more efficient and in line with industry advances.

A full list of infrastructure recipients is listed below.

FY14 Nuclear Energy University Programs Awards
Idaho State UniversityInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$91,741

​Idaho State University will modernize radiation detectors, associated instruments, and the sub-assembly to imcritical prove the ability to acquire meaningful measurements and reliability of results.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$450,000

​Massachusetts Institute of Technology will purchase two Canberra CAM 200 effluent monitoring systems to replace aging monitors. The safety upgrade will ensure continued compliance with regulations involving effluent releases.
Oregon State UniversityInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$135,636

​Oregon State University will purchase a HPGe gamma-ray detector, four digital spectrometers, and an additional UPS unit to ensure uninterrupted counting activity to support the gamma spectroscopy capabilities at the reactor.
Reed CollegeInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$133,000

​Reed College will replace a log power channel, pump station and demineralizer beds of the primary clean-up loop to ensure continued safe operation of the reactor.
Rhode Island Nuclear Science CenterInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$397,000

​Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center will purchase health physics instrumentation including a stack gas/particulate air monitor and 6 radiation monitor systems to ensure safe operation of the reactor.
University of FloridaInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$110,050

​University of Florida will replace original control blade drives with four control blade drives to expedite the resumption of operations of the reactor.
University of Texas, AustinInfrastructureReactor Upgrades$74,013

​ The University of Texas, Austin will provide $29,946 in cost share to purchase a bellows, waterproof radiation monitor, underwater video system, and portable radiation shields to repair a leak in the bellows of a beam port to restore structural integrity of the reactor pool.
Alfred UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$262,141

​Alfred University will provide $250,000 in cost share and $12,141 in cost match to purchase a 94 GHz, 10 kW gyrotron with a liquid cryogen-free superconducting magnet for materials processing and manufacture.
Arizona State UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$146,600

​Arizona State University will purchase an ion-polishing system used for characterizing nuclear fuels. The system will allow for larger sample sizes than currently available Focused Ion Beam (FIB) techniques.
Colorado School of MinesInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$215,372

​Colorado School of Mines will implement a pneumatic sample transfer capability at the Colorado School of Mines Nuclear Science Laboratory to transfer irradiated samples for short-lived radionuclide experiments.
Georgia Institute of TechnologyInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$250,000

​Georgia Institute of Technology will expand the Radiological Science and Engineering Laboratory by adding a nuclear fuel irradiation tank, gamma-ray and neutron detection equipment, and a flow injection analysis system for use in fuel cycle research.
The Ohio State UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$243,454

​The Ohio State University will purchase a digital data acquisition and detector emulator system to expand advanced instrumentation and control research and education.
Oregon State UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$313,540

​Oregon State University will provide $63,540 in cost match to refurbish an existing Gamma-Cell 220 with new cobalt-60 source allowing for extended research on aqueous separation processing.
University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$191,395

​The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign will expand reactor materials creep, fatigue and corrosion research by purchasing a steam generator system, a super cooled neutron detector facility, and components to construct two creep-fatigue-environment testing facilities.
University of Nevada, RenoInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$189,987

​University of Nevada, Reno will enhance the supercritical water loop facility by installing X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) to study the oxide films formed sample surfaces.
University of HoustonInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$172,969

University of Houston will upgrade their Universal Element Tester to enhance design and analysis of nuclear containment structures.​
University of UtahInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$121,852

​ University of Utah will purchase an isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC) to measure thermodynamic properties of actinides.
University of Wisconsin, MadisonInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$200,600

​ University of Wisconsin, Madison will improve Wisconsin's Ion Beam Laboratory by purchasing a new implantation chamber and upkeep current equipment to expand ion implantation productivity and efficient use of the facility.
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$247,541

​ Virginia Commonwealth University will purchase a benchtop electron scanning microscope, X-ray source and associated detectors, and an electrometer and ion chamber to bolster radiation detection and measurement and materials science research and education.
Washington State UniversityInfrastructureGeneral Scientific Infrastructure$109,000

​Washington State University will provide $20,000 in cost share to purchase a inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) to improve radioanalytical instrumentation for nuclear science chemistry.


*Actual project funding will be established during contract negotiation phase.