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​​​FY 2017 DOE-NE Webinar Presentations

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Workscope Specific Q&A

All times listed are Eastern time.

Monday, August 8, 2016​

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Overview​
Aaron Gravelle, DOE-ID; Kenny Osborne, DOE-NE; Gregory Bala, NEUP Integration Office


FC-1.1: Electrochemical Separations​
FC-1.2: Materials Recovery
FC-1.3: Advanced Waste Forms​ (Additional Guidance Documents Available for this workscope)
Patricia Paviet, DOE-NE

NSUF-1.3: Advanced Material Technologies Development
Sue Lesica, DOE-NE


FC-2: Advanced Fuels​
Janelle Eddins, DOE-NE


FC-3: Advanced Process Monitoring for Domestic Nuclear Safeguards​
Dan Vega, DOE-NE


FC-4: Used Fuel Disposition: Disposal​
JC De La Garza, DOE-NE


IRP-FC-1: Modeling of Spent Fuel Cladding in Storage and Transportation Environments​
IRP-FC-2: Next-Generation Thermodynamic Data Development and Analysis for Nuclear Waste Repository Performance Assessment and Decision Making​
JC De La Garza, DOE-NE

Tuesday​, August 9, 2016

Consolidated Scientific Infrastructure FOA Overview
Rory Kennedy and Dan Ogden, Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF), Idaho National Laboratory


Nuclear Science User Facilities Overview
NSUF-2: Nuclear Science User Facilities Access Only

Rory Kennedy and Dan Ogden, Nuclear Science User Facilities, Idaho National Laboratory


NOTE: RC-5 through NSUF-1.1b will be presented in this order without scheduled breaks between topic areas.
RC-5: Materials Aging and Degradation
RC-6: Information, Instrumentation and Controls (II&C)
RC-7: Reactor Safety Technologies
RC-8: Leveraging Static PRA Information into RISMC Simulation Methods
RC-9: Light Water Reactor Sustainability Enterprise Risk Management

NSUF-1.1a: Neutron Radiation Assessment of Advanced Alloys for LWR Core Internals
NSUF-1.1b: Synergistic Radiation and Thermal Aging Effects on Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel

Rich Reister, DOE-NE


IRP-EM-1: Wearable Robotic Devices for Workers
IRP-EM-2: Advanced Robotic Tele-Manipulators for Gloveboxes and Hot Cells
IRP-EM-3: Multi-Use and Multi-User (MU2) Robots
Rod Rimando, DOE-EM


MS-FC-1: Fuel Cycle R&D
Bill McCaughey, DOE-NE


NEAMS-1: Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS)
Dan Funk, DOE-NE


NEAMS-2: Separate Effects Irradiation Testing for Validation of Microstructural Models in MARMOT
Dan Funk, DOE-NE

​Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RC-1: Materials Compatibility for High Temperature Liquid Cooled Reactor Systems
RC-3: SiC/SiC Composites: Detection, Evaluation, and Predictive Modeling of Degradation of SiC/SiC Composite Structural Components in Operating Reactor Environments

Bill Corwin, DOE-NE​


IRP-RC-1: Codification of Compact Heat Exchanger Usage for Nuclear Systems
Bill Corwin, DOE-NE


RC-2: Radioisotope Retention in Graphite and Graphitic Materials
Madeline Feltus, DOE-NE


MS-RC-2: Space Nuclear Power Systems R&D
Scott Harlow, DOE-NE


NEET-1: Advanced Methods for Manufacturing
NSUF-1.2c: Irradiation Testing of Materials Produced by Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


NEET-2: Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation
NSUF-1.2a: Advanced Manufacturing of Instrumentation for In-Pile Measurement and Characterization of Nuclear Fuels and Materials
NSUF-1.2b: Developing and Testing Advanced Materials and Advanced Sensors through In-Pile Tests

Suibel Schuppner, DOE-NE​​


IRP-NE-1: Grand Challenge Problem for Nuclear Energy
BP Singh​, DOE-NE​​


NE-1: Nuclear Energy-Cybersecurity Research Topics and Metrics Analyses
Trevor Cook, DOE-NE​


RC-4: Advanced Reactor Methods
MS-RC-1: Reactor Concepts RD&D

Diana Li, DOE-NE