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​​​​​​​​FY 2019 IRP Federal/Technical Points of Contact

Technical Bins & Workscopes Federal POC Technical POC
Nuclear Energy
Program Directed
IRP-NE-1- International Challenge Problem for Nuclear EnergyJanelle Eddins
(301) 903-2475
Bob Hill
(630) 252-4865
NEAMS - Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation
Program Directed
IRP-NEAMS-1- Extend NEAMS Tools to Support Design and Analysis of Fast ReactorsDave Henderson
Tanju Sofu
(630) 252-9673
Fuel Cycle
Program Directed
IRP-FC-1- Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition: Storage & Transportation
John Orchard
(702) 295-2395
Peter Swift
(505) 284-4817
​ ​* FY19 POCs may not be the same as previous years as workscopes change year-to-year. POCs for current projects are listed on each project's quarterly report.