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2014 Awardees

Open Competition

​Advanced Fuels

Kale Stephenson

First Place
University of Michigan
Crack Initiation Behavior of Neutron Irradiated Model
and Commercial Stainless Steels in High Temperature Water​

Daniel Walter

Second Place
University of Michigan
High Fidelity Simulation of Crud Deposition on a PWR Fuel
Cell with Spacer Grids over a 500 Day Depletion Cycle​

​Energy Policy

Timothy Ault

First Place
Vanderbilt University
Potential Synergy: The Thorium Fuel
Cycle and Rare Earths Processing​

Matthew Gidden

Second Place
University of Wisconsin at Madison
An Agent-Based Framework for Fuel
Cycle Simulation with Recycling​


Materials Protection, Control, and Accountancy

Alexis Kaplan

First Place
University of Michigan
EJ-309 Pulse Shape Discrimination Performance
with a High Gamma-Ray-to-Neutron Ration and Low Threshold​

Troy Unruh

Second Place
Idaho State University
In-core Flux Sensor Evaluations at the ATR
Critical Facility​


​Nuclear Science and Engineering

Andrew Pavlou

First Place
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
High Fidelity Simulation on Crud Deposition on a
 PWR Fuel Cell with Spacer Grids over a 500 Day
Depletion Cycle​

Jonathan Walsh

Second Place
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Accelerated Sampling of the Free Gas
Resonance Elastic Scattering Kernel​


​Separations and Waste Forms

Carter Abney

First Place
University of Chicago
Highly Porous and Stable Metal-organic
Frameworks for Uranium Extraction​

T. Gannon Parker

Second Place
Florida State University
Ionothermal and Hydrothermal Flux Syntheses
of Five New Uranyl Phosphonates​


​Used Fuel Disposition

Alex Salazar

First Place
University of California at Berkeley
Effect of Temperature on Permeability of
Cement Sealant for Deep Borehole Repositories​

Hilary Emerson

Second Place
Clemson University
Geochemical Controls of Iodine Uptake and
Transport in Savannah River Site Subsurface Sediments​


Competition for Students Who Attend Universities with Less Than $600 Million in 20011 R&D Expenditures


Devin Rappleye

University of Utah
A Method for Monitoring Depositions at a Solid
Cathode in an Electrorefiner for a Two-Species
System Using Electrode Potentials​


Danil Smiles

University of California at Santa Barbara
Synthesis of Uranium-Ligand Multiple
Bonds by Cleavage of a Trityl Protecting Group​


Ammon Williams

Virginia Commonwealth University
Synthesis of Uranium-Lingand Multiple
Bonds by Cleavage of a Trityl Protecting Group​

Catherine Riddle

University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Characterization of Bismuthate Oxidized
Americium (V, VI) in Acidic Solution using
X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy​


Matthew Swenson

Boise State University
Correlation between the Microstructure and
Mechanical Properties of Irradiated Fe-9Cr ODS​


Undergraduate Competition


David Harding

University of Texas at Austin
Improving Inert Matrix Fuel
Burnup Using a Linear Model​


Timothy Smith

University of Texas at Austin
Comparison of Actinide Production in Traveling
Wave and Pressurized Water Reactors​

Michael Perlin

Oregon State University
Options for a Sustainable MOX Fuel Cycle in
PWRs for Rapid Utilization of Recycled Plutonium​​