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2016 Awardees

Open Competition

​Advanced Fuels

Elizabeth Getto

First Place
University of Michigan
Effect of Irradiation Mode on the Microstructure
 of Self-Ion Irradiated Ferritic-Martensitic Alloys

Michael Reichenberger

Second Place
Kansas State University
Advances in the Development and Testing
of Micro-Pocket Fission Detectors​

​Material Protection, Control, and Accountancy

Marc Paff

First Place
University of Michigan
Organic Liquid Scintillation Detectors for
ON-The-Fly Neutron/Gamma Alarming and
Radionuclide Identification in A Pedestrian
Radiation Portal Monitor

Marc Ruch

Second Place
University of Michigan
Pulse Shape Discrimination Performance of
Stilbene Coupled to Low-Noise Silicon


​Material Recovery and Waste Form Development

Marek Piechowicz

First Place
University of Chicago
Design, Synthesis, and Characterization
of a Bifunctional Chelator with Ultrahigh
Capacity for Uranium Uptake from Seawater

Charles Cao

Second Place
Rutgers University
A Novel Approach towards Synthesis of
 Apatite Based Ceramic Waste Forms for
 Immobilization of Radioactive Iodine (

​Nuclear Science and Engineering


Daniel Mast
First Place
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Equation of State for Technetium from X-Ray
Diffraction and First-Principle Calculations​​


Jaron Senecal
Second Place
Rensselaer Polytechnic University
A Modified Tightly Couple Method
for Reactor Transient Simulations​

​Used Fuel Disposition

Rachel Pope

First Place
Clemson University
Evaluation of Bentonite Engineered Barrier
Performance Under Repository Conditions:
Diffusion of Np(V) Through Montmorillonite



Competition for Students Who Attend Universities with Less Than $600 Million in 2014 Science and Engineering R&D Expenditures


Bradley Childs​​
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
The Nature of the Volatile Ternetium
Species Formed During Vitrification of
​Borosilicate Glass​


John Kiernicki
Purdue University​​ ​
Reductive Silylation of Cp*UO2(MesPDIMe) 
Promoted by Lewis Bases​


Michael Servis
Colorado School of Mines
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Tributyl 
Phosphate and Diamyl Amyl Phosphonate 
Self-Aggregation in Dodecane and Octane​

Mario Gonzalez

University of Utah
Application of a One-Dimensional Transient
Electrorefiner Model to Predict Partitioning of
Plutonium from Curium in a Pyrochemical Spent
Fuel Treatment Process


Nicholas Luciano

University of Tennessee
Modeling and Simulation of an Operational
VVER-1000 Benchmark with NESTLE​


Undergraduate Competition



​Hunter Andrews
Virginia Commonwealth University
Measurement and Analysis of Exchange 
Current Density of Lanthanides in LiCl-KCI 
Eutectic Salt​


Hi Vo
University of California at Berkeley
Small-Scale Mechanical Testing on Proton
Beam-Irradiated 304 SS From Room 
Temperature to Reactor Operation Temperature​

Jason Becker

Purdue University
A Comparative Study of Single-pulse and
Double-pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown
Spectroscopy with Uranium-containing Samples​