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2017 Awardees

Open Competition​

​Advanced Fuels

Drew Johnson

First Place
University of Michigan
Quantitative analysis of Localized Stresses in
Irradiated Stainless Steels using High Resolution
Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Molecular
Dynamics Modeling

Troy Eckleberry

Second Place
University of Tennessee
Reactivity Assessment of Enhanced Accident
Tolerant Claddings in Modern PWR​

​Advanced Reactor Systems

David Frazer

First Place
University of California at Berkeley
Degradation of HT9 under Simultaneous Ion
Beam Irradiation and Liquid Metal Corrosion

Benjamin Magolan

Second Place
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Multiphase Turbulence Mechanisms Identification
from Consistent Analysis of Direct Numerical
Simulation Data


​​​Material Protection, Control, and Accountancy


Cody Dennett
First Place
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bridging the Gap to Mesoscale Radiation 
Materials Science with Transient Grating Spectroscopy​​


Adam Olsen
Second Place (tied)
University of Utah
Quantifying Morphological Features of α-U3O8 
with Image Analysis for Nuclear Forensics​






Adam Weltz
Second Place (tied)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Development of a Modular Directional and 
Spectral Neutron Detection System Using 
Solid-state Detectors​​


​Material Recovery and Waste Form Development

Mitchell Friend

Frist Place
Washington State University
Hafnium(IV) Complexation with
Oxalate at Variable Temperatures

Kevin McCann

Second Place
Colorado School of Mines
Hexavalent Americium Recovery
Using Copper(III) Periodate​


​Nuclear Science and Engineering

Jason Richards

First Place
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Selective Partitioning of Ruthenium
from Nitric Acid Media

Anna Baldwin

Second Place
Colorado School of Mines
Tributyl Phosphate Aggregation in the Presence of Metals:
 An Assessment Using Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy​


​Used Fuel Disposition

Dawn Montgomery

First Place
Clemson University
The Influence of Citrate and Oxalate on 99TcVII,
Cs, Np
V and UVI Sorption to a Savannah River Site Soil

Alexander Creely

Second Place
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Validation of Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations of
L- and I-Mode Plasmas on Alcator C-Mod​


Competition for Students Who Attend Universities with Less Than $600 Million in 2015 R&D Expenditures


Adam Burak
University of Utah
Measurement of Solubility of Metalic 
Lithium Dissolved in Molten LiCl-Li2O​​


Alexander Hagen
Purdue University
Detection of Special Nuclear Material in Cargo 
using Continuous Neutron Interrogation and
Tension Metastable Fluid Detectors​


Caleb Tatebe
Purdue University
[2π+2π] Cycloaddition of Isocyanates to 
Uranium(IV) Imido Complexes for the Synthesis of
U(IV) K2​-Ureato Compounds​


Justin Felder
University of South Carolina
Application of a Mild Hydrothermal Method to 
the Synthesis of Mixed Transition-metal(II)/Uranium(IV) Fluorides​


Patrick Skrodzki
Purdue University
Significance of Ambient Conditions in Uranium 
Absorption and Emission Features of Laser Ablation Plasmas​​


Undergraduate Competition


Sarah Abraham
University of Michigan
An Efficient, Affordable Optically 
Stimulated Luminescent (OSL) Annealer​​


Andrew Boria
University of Michigan
137Cs Dosimeter Irradiation Facilities: 
Calibration Frequency, Precision, and Accuracy


Michael Martin
University of California at Berkeley
Feasibility of a Breed-and-Burn 
Molten Salt Reactor​


Kyle Beyer
University of Michigan
Pulse Shape Discrimination Characterization of 
Stilbene Detectors with Light Guide Coupling and 
Silicon Photomultiplier Readout​


Michael Hua
University of Michigan
Analytic Error Quantification for Generalized 
Fast-Neutron Multiplicity Counting Equations​​