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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2019 Awardees

Open Competition

​Advanced Fuels

Kelly McCary

First Place
Ohio State University
Response of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature
Sensors to High-Temperature Step Transients

William Cureton

Second Place
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Grain Size Effects on Irradiated CeO2,
2, and UO2​


​Advanced Reactor Systems

Vedant Mehta

First Place
Georgia Institute of Technology
Core Analysis of Spectral Shift
Operated SmAHTR

Peter Doyle

Second Place
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Modeling the Impact of Radiation-enhanced
Diffusion on Implanted Ion Profiles​


​Energy Policy

John Peterson

First Place
University of Idaho
An Overview of Methodologies for Cybersecurity
Vulnerability Assessments Conducted in Nuclear
Power Plants

Keoni Sanny

Second Place
Ohio State University
Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment with PyCARSHOO:
The Case of the Emergency Power Supply of a Nuclear
Power Plant​


​Material Protection, Control, and Accountancy

Allison Lim

First Place
Colorado School of Mines
Plastic Scintillators with Efficient Light Output and
Pulse Shape Discrimination Produced via
Photoinitiated Polymerization

Neil Taylor

Second Place
Ohio State University
Isotopic Concentration of Uranium from Alpha
Spectrum of Electrodeposited Source on 4H-SiC
Detector at 500° C​


​Material Recovery and Waste Form Development

Kristen Pace

First Place
University of South Carolina
Na2(UO2)(BO3): An All-Uranium(V) Borate
under Mild Hydrothermal Conditions

Bonnie Klamm

Second Place
Florida State University
Experimental and Theoretical Comparison of
Transition-Metal and Actinide Tetravalent Schiff Base
Coordination Complexes​


​Nuclear Science and Engineering

Erin Bertelsen

First Place
Colorado School of Mines
Microcolumn Lanthanide Separation Using
Bis-(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid Functionalized
Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Materials

Sylvia Hanna

Second Place
Northwestern University
Guest-Dependent Single-Crystal Phase
Transitions in a Two-Dimensional Uranyl-Based
 Metal-Organic Framework​


​Used Fuel Disposition

Christian Juillerat

First Place
University of South Carolina
Overstepping Lowenstein's Rule- a Route to
Unique Aluminophosphate Frameworks with 3D
Salt-Inclusion and Ion Exchange Properties

Megan Hoover

Second Place
Clemson University
Quantum-mechanical Modeling of Divalent
Cation Incorporation into Uranium Dioxide​


Competition for Students Who Attend Universities with Less Than $600 Million in 2017 Science and Engineering R&D Expenditures


Alexander Chemey
Florida State University
Electronic, Magnetic, and Theoretical 
Characterization of (NH4)4UF8, a Simple Molecular 
Uranium(IV) Fluoride


Cole Manring
North Carolina State University
Assessment of Thermal Neutron Scattering
in a Heavy Paraffinic Molecular Material​


Chao Zhang
University of Utah
Electrochemical Measurement of High Concentrations
of UCl3 and GdCl3 in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic


David Dan
Florida State University
Origin of Selectivity of a Triazinyl Ligand for Americium(III)
over Neodymium(III)​


Colby Sorrell
North Carolina State University
TREAT M2 Experiment Modeling for 
Transient Benchmark Analysis​​


Undergraduate Competition


Daine Danielson
University of California at Davis
Directionally Accelerated Detection of a Second, 
Unknown Reactor with Antineutrinos for Mid-Field 
Nonproliferation Monitoring​


Kevin Liu
University of Michigan
Calibration and Statistical Performance of Al2O3
Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters with 
and without Annealing using a 137Cs Source


Travis Smith
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Temporal Fluctuations in Indoor Background 
Gamma Radiation Using Nal(TI)​


Benjamin Laramee
North Carolina State University
Load-Following Capabilities of the BWRX-300


James Seekamp
University of Michigan
Design of an Extremely Sensitive Large Volume 
Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Environmental 
Sample Screening​


James Zillinger
University of Idaho
Investigation of Production Parameter Effects on 
Spark Plasma Sintered Molybdenum Cermet Wafers
for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Applications​​