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​​​FY 2019 DOE-NE Webinar Schedule

 Community Outreach Webinar at ANS November 13, 2018


 FY19 Presentation Slides Winter ANS Community Outreach


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FY19 Workscope Specific Q&A


   Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Overview

Aaron Gravelle, DOE-ID; John Gilligan, NCSU; JoAnne Hanners, DOE-ID; Gregory Bala, NEUP Integration Office


Scholarship & Fellowship Soliciation Overview

Won Yoon, DOE-NE


NSUF-1 and NSUF-2 Overview

Dan Ogden, NSUF - Idaho National Laboratory


Infrastructure FOA Overview

Jonathan KirkhamNSUF - Idaho National Laboratory


RC-3:  Liquid Metal-Cooled Fast Reactor Technology Development and Demonstration to Support Deployment

Tom Sowinski, DOE-NE


RC-5:  Experimental Validation of High Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) Simulations

RC-6: Floride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR)

      RC-6.1:  Used FHR Pebble Fuel Storage and Handling

      RC-6.2:  Experimental Validation of Passive Decay Heat Removal Technology 

Diana Li, DOE-NE


RC-7:  Molten Salt Reactor Technologies

      RC-7.1:  Fuel Salt Sampling Technology Development

      RC-7.2:  Evaluation fo 316SS Lifetime in MSRs

      RC-7.3:  Radiation Hardened Vision Systems

      RC-7.4:  Molten Salt Mechanical Filters

      RC-7.5:  Shut Off Valve Technology Development

Brian Robinson, DOE-NE

   Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RC-8:  Plant Modernization R&D Pathway

      RC- 8.1:  Digital Instrumentation and Control Qualification

      RC-8.2:  Analytics to Support Equipment Condition Monitoring

RC-9:  Risk-Informed Systems Analysis R&D Pathway

      RC-9.1:  Use of Integtated PRA and Mechanistic Tools to Accelerate Deployment of Advanced Technologies to LWRs

      RC-9.2:  Risk-Informed Asset Life Cycle Management and Maintenane Optimization

RC-10:  Materials Research Pathway

      RC-10.1:  Rapid, Multi-Modal Characterization of Concrete's Degradation Tolerance in Support of Second License Renewals of Nuclear Power Plants

      RC-10.2:  Modeling of Helium Bubble Development During Welding of Irradiated Metal Alloys

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


NEET-1:  Advanced Methods for Manufacturing

NSUF- 1.2:  Irradiated Testing of Materials Produced by Innovative Manufacturing Techniques  

Tansel Selekler, DOE-NE



FC-4:  Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition

      FC-4.1:  Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition:  Disposal

      FC-4.2:  Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition:  Storage and Transportation


 John Orchard, DOE-NE


FC-5:  Fabrication Process Assessments for Cost Algorithm

FC-6:  Interface Tools for Transmutation Data Library

BP Singh, DOE-NE


MS-RC-1:  Special Purpose Reactors R&D

Becky Onuschak, DOE-NE


MS-FC-1:  Maintaining and Buliding Upon the Halden Legacy (In-Situ Diagnostics)

Ken Kellar, DOE-NE


NEAMS-2: Separate Effects Irradiation Testing for Validation of Microstructural Models in Marmot 

IRP-NEAMS-1: Extended NEAMS Tools to Support the Development of the Versaltile Test Reactor (VTR) Experimental Program 


MS-NE-1:  Integral Benchmark Evaluations

MS-NE-2:  Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy Applications

Dan Funk, DOE-NE


RC-1:  Innovative New Nickel Alloys for Molten Salt Reactor Structural Applications

Sue Lesica, DOE-NE


NE-1:  Nuclear Energy-Cybersecurity Research Topics and Metrics Analyses

Trevor Cook, DOE-NE

  Thursday, August 9, 2018

NE-2:  Hybrid Energy Systems Design and Modeling

      NE-2.1:  Studies of Component/System Degradation

      NE-2.2:  Cyber-Informed System Design

      NE-2.3:  Systems Control

 Martha Shields, DOE-NE


NEET-2:  Advanced Ditital Monitoring and Control Technology

      NEET-2.1:  State of the Art I&C Technologies

      NEET 2.2:  Advanced Online Monitoring and Diagnostics Technologies

      NEET 2.3:  Advanced Sensors and Communication

NEET-3:  Digital/Electronic Nuclear Field Support Technology

NSUF 1.1:  Testing of Advanced Materials for Advanced Sensors for Nuclear Applications

Suibel Schuppner, DOE-NE


RC-2:  Salt Behavior in Molten Salt Reactors

      RC-2.1:  Understanding, Predicting, and Optimizing the Physical Properties, Structure, and Dynamics of Molten Salt

      RC-2.2:  Understanding the Structure and Speciation of Molten Salt at the Atomic and Molecular Scale

Stephen Kung, DOE-NE


  FC-1:  Material Recovery and Waste Form Development

      FC-1.1:  Electrochemical Separations

      FC-1.2:  Materials Recovery

      FC-1.3:  Waste Forms Development and Off-Gas Capture

      FC-1.3a:  Advanced Waste Form Design, Processing, and Testing

      FC-1.3b:  Iodine Capture From Highly Oxidizing Off-Gas Streams

Patricia Paviet, DOE-NE


FC-3: Advanced Data Integration for Domestic Nuclear Safeguards
Mike Reim, DOE-NE


FC-2:  Advanced Fuels

      FC-2.1:  Post Irradiation Examination (PIE)/Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Techniques for Corrosion Thickness Measurements on ATF                    Claddings (Coated-Zr, FeCrAl, SiC)

      FC-2.2:  Studies on Accident Tolerant Control Rods and Core Components
Frank Goldner, DOE-NE

FC-2.3:  Investigations Iinto Non-Traditional Solid Fuels for Advanced non-Light Water Reactors

FC-2.4:  Advanced Creep Testing of Ferritic Steels for Reactor Cladding Applications

FC-2.5:  Separate Effects Testing in TREAT using Standard Test Capsules

Janelle Eddins and Ken Kellar, DOE-NE


IRP-NE-1:  International Challenge Problem for Nuclear Energy

Janelle Eddins, DOE-NE


RC-4:  HTGR TRISO Fuel particle Materials

      RC-4.1:  Thermomechanical Properties of TRISO Fuel Coating Layers

      RC-4.2:  Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Fission Product Transport Through TRISO Particle Silicon Carbide Coating Layer

Madeline Feltus, DOE-NE