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​​​​FY 2020 DOE-NE Webinar Schedule (ET)​

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Workscope Specific Q&A

   Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Overview

Aaron Gravelle, DOE-ID; John Gilligan, NCSU; JoAnne Hanners, DOE-ID; Gregory Bala, NEUP Integration Office


Light Water Reactor Sustainability Workscopes
    RC-7.1- Digital Instrumentation and Control
    RC-7.2- Virtualized Distributed Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
    RC-7.3- Reducing Human Factor Uncertainty Using Artificial Intelligence in Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants
    RC-8-Evaluation of Physical Phenomena Data Impact and Improvements
    RC-9- Elucidating How Water Chemistry Affects the Corrosion Sensitivity of Pristine Stainless Steel in Nuclear Power Plants

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


RC-3:  Liquid Metal-Cooled Fast Reactor Technology Development and Demonstration to Support Deployment

Tom Sowinski, DOE-NE


RC-2:  Micro-Reactor Deployment Markets
    RC-2.1- Micro-Reactor Deployment Markets
    RC-2.2- Validation of Micro-Reactor Modeling and Simulation Tools
    RC-2.3- Micro-Reactor Technology Deployment and Maturation

Tom Sowinski, DOE-NE


IRP-RC-1: Infrastructure to Support Molten Salt Reactor Components

Brian Robinson, DOE-NE



RC-5: Experimental Validation of High Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) Simulations 

RC-6: Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR)
    RC-6.1- Optimized Fluoride Salt Pipe Joints for Fluoride Salt Cooled Reactors
    RC-6.2- Pump Scaling Technology for Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactors

Diana Li, DOE-NE


Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation Workscopes
    NEET-2.1- Advanced Control Systems
    NEET-2.2- Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artifical Intelligence
    NEET-2.3- Advanced Sensors and Communication
    NSUF-1.1- Testing of Advanced Materials or Advanced Sensors for Nuclear Applications

NE-1:  Nuclear Energy-Cybersecurity Research Topics and Metrics Analyses

Suibel Schuppner, DOE-NE


Infrastructure FOA Overview

Brenden Heidrich, NSUF, Idaho National Laboratory


NSUF Overview and NSUF-2 Workscopes  

Dan Ogden, NSUF, Idaho National Laboratory

   Wednesday, August 7, 2019

FC-1: Materials Recovery 
    FC-1.1:  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry
    FC-1.2: Electrochemical Separations
    MS-FC-1: Understanding, Predicting, and Optimizing the Physical Properties, Structure, and Dynamics of Molten Salt
    MS-FC-2: Understanding the Structure and Speciation of Molten Salt at the Atomic and Molecular Scale

Stephen Kung, DOE-NE



NEET-1:  Advanced Methods for Manufacturing

NSUF- 1.2: Irradiated Testing of Materials Produced by Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

NSUF-1.3: Nuclear Materials Discovery and Qualification Initiative

NE-3: Tranformational Challenge Reactor R&D

Tansel Selekler, DOE-NE


MS-NE-3: Mission Supporting Grand Challenge

 Brad Williams, DOE-NE


FC-4:  Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition 
    FC-4.1- Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition: Disposal
    FC-4.2- Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition: Storage & Transportation

John Orchard, DOE-NE


RC-1: Innovative New Structural Materials for Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor Applications

Sue Lesica, DOE-NE


FC-1.3:  Waste Form Development
    FC-1.3a: Iodine Immobilization from Caustic Scrubber Solution
    FC-1.3b: Salt Waste Recycle and Immobilization

Kimberly Gray, DOE-NE


FC-2: Advanced Fuels
    FC-2.1- NDE Techniques for Assessing Integrity of Coated Cladding Tubes

    Frank Goldner, DOE-NE

    FC-2.2- Investigations of Carbide and Nitride Fuel Systems for Advanced Fast Reactors
    Janelle Eddins, DOE-NE

    FC-2.3- High-Throughput and/or Micro-Scale Post-Irradiation Examination
    FC-2.4- Maintaining and Building upon the Halden Legacy of In-Situ Diagnostics
    FC-2.5- Separate Effects Testing in TREAT using Standard Test Capsules

    Ken Kellar, DOE-NE


FC-3: Materials Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies

Mike Reim, DOE-NE

  Thursday, August 9, 2019


NEAMS: Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation
    NEAMS-1- Development of Generalized Multigroup Cross Sections for Arbitrary Reactor Geometries
    NEAMS-2- Near-Wall Gas-Flow Correlations in Pebble Bed Reactors
    NEAMS-3- Molten Salt Chemistry Modeling
    MS-NEAMS-1- SAM Baseline Development
    IRP-NEAMS-1-NEAMS Thermal Hydraulics and Fuels

MS-NE-1- Integral Benchmark Evaluations

MS-NE-2- Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy Applications

 Dave Henderson, DOE-NE


 NE-2:  Integrated Energy Systems Design and Modeling

Melissa Bates, DOE-NE


RC-4: HTGR TRISO Fuel Particle Materials
    RC-4.1: TRISO Fuel Buffer Layer Behavior during Neutron Irradiation
    RC-4.2: Robust Individual TRISO-Fueled Pebble Identification Method for Ex-Core Evaluation

Gerhard Strydom, Idaho National Laboratory


RC-10: Advanced Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Technology Development and Support for Deployment
    RC-10.1- Technologies to Support SMR Development and Commercialization
    RC-10.2- SMR Market Analyses
    RC-10.3- SMR Economic Analyses

Tim Beville, DOE-NE