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​​​FY 2018 DOE-NE Webinar Schedule

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CINR Workscope Release Webinar Q&A (Oct 25)

NEAMS 1.5 Workbench Topics Presentation

Oxidation Studies References List for RC-1.3

   Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Update
Aaron Gravelle, DOE-ID and Gregory Bala INR Integration Office

RC-1.3: Oxidation Behavior of HTGR TRISO Fuel Materials

Madeline Feltus, DOE-NE

RC-2: Salt Behavior in Molten Salt Reactors

Stephen Kung, DOE-NE

The videos are in playlist format. Use the menu on the upper-left hand side of the video player to select the correct presentation.​

CINR Workscope Specific Q&A 



All times listed are Eastern time.

  Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Overview
JoAnne Hanners and Aaron Gravelle, DOE-ID; Kenny Osborne, DOE-NE; Gregory Bala and John Gilligan, NEUP Integration Office


Industry FOA Overview

Mike Worley, DOE-NE


GAIN Overview and Update

John Jackson, Idaho National Laboratory



NEAMS 1: Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling & Simulation

NEAMS 2: Separate Effects Irradiation Testing for Validation of Microstructural Models in Marmot

MS-NE-1: Benchmark Evaluations

MS-NE-2: Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy Applications

Dan Funk, DOE-NE



 The workscopes for IRP-RC-1 and RC-4.3 have been cancelled                

IRP-RC-1: Versatile Advanced Test Reactor Engineering Design and Safety

RC-4.3: Development on Advanced Instrumentation which Permits the Collection of  Real Time Data of Fuel and Materials Properties During Irradiation in a Fast Spectrum Test Reactor

John Herczeg, DOE-NE



FC-2: Advanced Fuels

FC-2.1: Benchmarking Microscale Mechnical Property Measurements

FC-2.2: Advanced Fabrication Methods for Metallic Fast Reactor Fuels

FC-2.3: Damage and Failure Mechanisms for SiC/SiC Composite Fuel Cladding and Mitigation Technologies

Janelle Eddins and Frank Goldner, DOE-NE



RC-4.1: High Temperature Gas Reactors 

RC-4.2: Flouride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactors

Diana Li, DOE-NE



NEET-2: Advanced Digital Monitoring and Control Technology

NSUF-1.1: Testing of Advanced Materials or Advanced Sensors for Nuclear Applications 


Suibel Schuppner, DOE-NE

 Wednesday​, August 9, 2016

Consolidated Scientific Infrastructure FOA Overview 

Rory Kennedy and Dan Ogden, Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF), Idaho National Laboratory


NSUF Overview: Nuclear Energy-Related R&D Supported by Nuclear Science User Facilities Capabilities

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


Changes to the CINR FOA affecting NSUF
NSUF-2: Access Only Workscope

Dan Ogden, Idaho National Laboratory


 NEET-1: Advanced Methods for Manufacturing 

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


RC-5-6-7: Light Water Reactor Sustainability
Trevor Cook, DOE-NE


RC-3: Experimental Investigation of Radioisotope Retention Capability of Liquid Metal Coolants (Sodium and Lead)
Tom Sowinski, DOE-NE


NE-2: Hybrid Energy Systems Design and Modeling
Carl Sink, DOE-NE



RC-2.1: Development of Thermochemical Database for Understanding Salt Behavior in Molten Salt Reactors

RC-2.2: Development of Thermochemical Database for Understanding Salt Behaviour in Molten Salt Reactors

Brian Robinson, DOE-NE


FC-4: Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition
John Orchard, DOE-NE


NE-1: Nuclear Enegy-Cybersecurity Research Topics and Metrics Analyses

Trevor Cook, DOE-NE

​Thursday, August 10, 2017

FC-1: Material Recovery and Waste Form Development
Steven Kung, Jim Bresee, Kimberly Gray, DOE-NE​


FC-3: Advanced Data Integration for Domestic Nuclear Safeguards
Mike Reim, DOE-NE


MS-FC-1: Fuel Cycle R&D
Bill McCaughey, DOE-NE



RC-1.1: Down-Selection of Cladding Materials for Structural Components in Liquid-Fueled Molten Salt Reactors

RC-1.2: Innovative New Alloys for Molten Salt Reactor Structural Applications

Bill Corwin, DOE-NE