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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FY 2022 DOE-NE Webinar Schedule (ET)​

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   ​Monday, August 9, 2021 (Eastern Time Zone)


Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Kathryn Huff, Acting Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy
Dr. John Gilligan, NCSU, NEUP Integration Office Director


Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research FOA Overview

Aaron Gravelle, DOE-NE;​ John Gilligan, NCSU; Jeff Fogg, DOE-ID; Drew Thomas, NEUP Integration Office


Infrastructure FOA Overview

Brenden Heidrich, NSUF, Idaho National Laboratory


NSUF Overview and NSUF-1 and NSUF-2 Workscopes  ​ 

NSUF 1 (formerly NSUF-1.1 in the Webinar): Core and Structual Materials and Nuclear Fuel Behavior and Advanced Nuclear Fuel Development

NSUF 2.1: Core and Structual Materials and Nuclear Fuel Behavior and Advanced Nuclear Fuel Development

NSUF 2.2: High Performance Computing at Idaho National Laboratory

Tansel Selekler, DOE-NE​​, and Simon Pimblott, NSUF, Idaho National Laboratory​


Distinguished Early Career FOA Overview

Drew Thomas, NEUP Integration Office


S&F Institutional FOA Overview​

Jenna Payne, DOE-NE, and Andrew Ford, DOE-ID

​​​​    Tuesday, August 10, 2021 (Eastern Time Zone)

RC-2: Innovative Microreactor Solutions and End-User Applications

Diana Li, DOE-NE​


RC-4: High Temperature Gas Reactor Pebble Fuel Testing Development​

IRP-RC-2: High Temperature Reactor Graphite Core Waste Processing

Diana Li, DOE-NE


FC-1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4: Material Recovery and Waste Form Development ​

(This work scope has been cancelled)​ FC-1.1: Innovative Gas-Phase Separations Chemistry for High-Value Used Fuels

FC-1.1 (formerly FC-1.2 in the Webinar): Nuclear Fuel Cycle Aqueous Separations Chemistry

FC-1.2 (formerly FC-1.3 in the Webinar): Understanding, Predicting, and Optimizing the Physical Properties, Structure, and Dynamics of Molten Salts

FC-1.3 (formerly FC-1.4 in the Webinar):​ Understanding the Structure and Speciation of Molten Salts at the Atomic and Molecular Scale

Stephen Kung, DOE-NE


CT-2: Integrated Energy Systems

Jason Marcinkoski, DOE-NE


IRP-RC-3: Developing the Technical Basis and Risk Assessment Tools for Flexible Plant Operation (formerly called Light Water Reactor Sustainability in the Webinar)

​Jason Marcinkoski and Bill Walsh, DOE-NE


RC-1: National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC)

RC-1.1: Improving Construction Cost and Schedule Outcomes

RC-1.2: Environmental Justice and Equity Considerations in Siting Energy or Industrial Facilities to Inform Advanced Nuclear Energy Siting

RC-1.3: Implementation Considerations for Alternative Application of Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Janelle Eddins, DOE-NE


FC-4: Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition​

FC-4.1: Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition: Disposal

FC-4.2: Earthquake Response of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Dry Storage Facilities

FC-4.3: Experimental Validation of Particulate Deposition Mechanisms on Dry Storage Canisters

John Orchard, DOE-NE

    Wednesday, August 11, 2021 (Eastern Time Zone)

CT-3: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Techologies (AMMT)

CT-3.1: Multi-Material Systems

CT-3.2: Advanced Creep Mechanisms

CT-3.3: High Throughput Testing for Advanced Manufactured Materials

Dirk Cairns-Gallimore, DOE-NE


RC-3 and IRP-NEAMS-1 Workscopes

RC-3: Liquid Metal-Cooled Fast Reactors (LMFRs)

RC-3.1: Liquid Metal-Cooled Fast Reactor Technology Development and Demonstration to Support Deployment

RC-3.2: Eperimental Validation of Fast Reactor Fuel Failure Modes

IRP-NEAMS-1: Combined Experimental-Modeling Assessments of Impurities/Fission Products in Molten Salts and Fundamental Corrosion Mechanisms of Relevant Structural Alloys​

Brian Robinson, DOE-NE​


NEAMS 1-2 Workscopes

NEAMS-1: Improvement of Low-Order Transport Methods

NEAMS-2: Automated Optimization for Reactor Core Design

Dave Henderson, DOE-NE


MS-NE-1: Integral Benchmark Evaluations

MS-NE-2: Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy Applications​

Dave Henderson, DOE-NE​


CT-5: Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation

Daniel Nichols, DOE-NE


FC-2, FC-5, and IRP-FC-2 Workscopes

FC-2: Advanced Fuels

FC-2.1: Next Generation LWR Fuels for SMR Applications

FC-2.2: Accident Tolerant Control Rods

FC-2.3: Accelerated Fuel Testing Method Development​

FC-5 (formerly FC-5.1 in the Webinar): Accelerated Fast Reactor Metal Fuel Cladding Material Development​

IRP-FC-1 (formerly IRP-FC-2 in the Webinar): ATF Cladding Tests in the MITR Pressurized Water Loop

Frank Goldner, DOE-NE, and Ken Kellar, DOE-NE             

    Thursday, August 12, 2021 (Eastern Time Zone)

CT-4: Advanced and Small Modular Reactor Materials Accountancy and Physical Protection

Alison Hahn, DOE-NE


RC-5: Materials Research Pathway: Characterization and Modeling of the High Fluence Effect and Thermal Aging on Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels

IRP-RC-1: Development of Enabling Fabrication Technology for Compact Heat Exchangers for Advanced Reactors​

Sue Lesica, DOE-NE


RC-6: Advanced Small Modular Reactor R&D​

CT-1: Crosscutting Research-Cyber Security Research​

Rebecca Onuschak, DOE-NE                                                                                         


FC-3: Materials Protection, Accounting, and Control Technology​

Mike Reim, DOE-NE                                                                                         


IRP-MS-1: Nuclear Energy Workforce Pipeline Gap Analysis​

IRP-MS-2: Consent-Based Siting​​

Jenna Payne, DOE-NE, and Alisa Trunzo, DOE-NE      


FC-1.4 (formerly FC-1.5 in the Webinar):  Iron Phosphate Process: Evaluation of Processing Parameters on the Product Properties

(This work scope has been cancelled) FC-1.6:​ Off Gas Capture: Identification of Promising Kr Stor​age Materials

Stephen Kung, DOE-NE