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No Cost Extensions

To apply for a no-cost extension (NCE) , submit a completed NCE Request Form to both Tara Haack ( and Anna Podgorney (​). Once received, a budget replan, by milestone, will be sent out, which will need to be completed and returned. If you need additional assistance, please contact Anna Podgorney at (208) 526-2123.   

​​​​​​​​​General Rules for Acknowledging NEUP

Researchers and students who publish results of research using NEUP resources and capabilities are required to do the following:

1. Include an acknowledgment of NEUP in any publications, including but not limited to journal articles, presentations, reports, proceedings, and book chapters, resulting from work performed with NEUP funding.

To acknowledge NEUP funding, PI's are encouraged to use the following statement, "This research is being performed using funding received from the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy's Nuclear Energy University Program."

2. Send publications, including but not limited to journal articles, presentations, reports, proceedings, and book chapters to the NEUP email account:


Official NEUP Logo​An official NEUP logo is available to download for those preparing posters or presentations to include on the acknowledgment section of their presentation.

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CINR Community Outreach Seminar

CINR Community Outreach Presentation Slides

CINR Community Outreach Q&A 

PI Change/Move Guidance

There is a codified process for any PI changes or PI moves that PIs must consider when moving institutions. A PI change or PI move should be communicated to the Contract Specialist, who will then start the process with the funded university to Cooperative Agreement with the awarded university. For questions about the PI Change/Move Guidance please contact JoAnne Hanners at 208-526-0852.

PI Change/Move Guidance

Principal Investigators

NEUP principal investigators have specific responsibilities they must fulfill as part of their federal research subcontracts, including submitting quarterly reports and meeting agreed-upon research milestones. As principal investigators, their role is to conduct necessary research within the boundaries of the subcontracts including scope, schedule and budget. They need to regularly interact with their assigned technical reviewer and must ensure their quarterly reports are submitted on schedule to the NEUP Integration Office.


Tips for Writing CINR Proposals     

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Documents include abstracts, workscopes, travel forms, budget forms, conflict of interest disclosure forms, etc.  

Principal Investigators