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​​​​​Quality Assurance Requirements

Institutions will be expected to follow the applicable quality assurance (QA) identified on the NEUP QA Requirements Worksheet in conducting R&D activities. QA requirements will be identified by the sponsoring organizations Quality Assurance Representatives in cooperation with the sponsoring organization’s technical personnel. 

The integrity of R&D products and their usability by NE and/or sponsoring organizations is predicated on meeting the identified QA requirements for the specific scope of work and associated deliverables.

An institution’s process for peer review in support of publishing research results may serve as a basis for QA requirements; however, additional QA requirements may be identified for the work scope.

The final selected proposals will include the NEUP QA Requirements Worksheet as part of the contractual requirements. Sponsoring organizations QA Representatives may require access to the institution to determine if the institution is following the identified QA requirements.

Institutions should adequately factor the requirement to follow and implement the QA requirements into their proposal strategy, and include compliance costs as part of their response to the RFP.

While QA requirements are not new to universities and colleges, it is recognized that familiarity with NE programmatic-specific QA requirements will vary. Therefore, the sponsoring organization’s QA Representatives will provide assistance during the proposal process.  

A presentation by NEUP's Quality Engineer is now available for detailed information on NEUP's QA requirements and expectations.

NEUP Quality Assurance Video 

A copy of the powerpoint presentation is available here: Quality Assurance Powerpoint

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