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Banner Instructions:​​

This is the banner at the top of the Applicant Resources page. To edit... select "edit this list" below.

The image is stored here​. It is called 'Hero.png'. The dimensions of the image are 1216px x 117px. If this image is to be replaced with a new one, be certain it has these dimensions.

Title: This field is not displayed on the Applicant Resource page and is for your reference only.
INL_PageElementType: This should be set to 'Hero'.
      Address: This is the URL of where the image is stored (see above). This url should look something like this: "​"
      Display Text: This field should be set to "Image Url"​​

Switch Edit View: Hero | Page Content | Page Title | Link Bars | Slider

NEUP Calendar: This is where you can add new events to the upcoming event calendar​

HeroHero image