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​University Nuclear Leadership Program (UNLP) Resources formerly IUP
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​​Universities apply to the FOA to provide support for students.

IUP FOA-DE-0002265 (open continuously 2021-2022)​  

Video on how to beome an IUP-Approved Institution
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​Apply for FY 2021 Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities Now! 

FY 2021 Scholarship RFA - Applications Due January 27, 2022 by 8pm ET 

  • ​$10,000 scholarship provided for students attending 4-year Institutions
  • NEW! ***$5,000 scholarship provided for students attending 2-year Trade Schools and Community Colleges***

FY 2021 Fellowship RFA - Applications Due January 27, 2022 by 8 pm ET

  • ​​$161,000 fellowship provided over three years for students attending 4-year Institutions​

Submit a Student Application Here

Students wanting to apply for funding should use the links below. Is your university "UNLP-Approved"? If not, talk to your advisor and have them apply to the IUP FOA above.​

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Read IUP Student Stories
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Scholarship & Fellowship Q&A
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Learn about the scholarship and fellowship opportunities available from the Department of Energy-Nuclear Energy​
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​Learn about the different research funding opportunities provided by the Department of Energy-Nuclear Energy​